How To Cure Redness And Cracked Capilars On Your Face


Every woman dreams of healthy and soft skin. Unfortunately, the uncomfortable occurrences like couperose (redness and cracking capilars on the face) influence on the appearance at many representatives of the female sex.


The causes for couperose aren’t totally explored. It is assumed that the most responsible are the genes and the weak connecting tissue, but of course there are inner and outer factors that influence like stress, UV radiances, alcohol, hot spices, caffeine, hormonal imbalance. The redness isn’t and esthetic problem only, because with further development rosacea can also occur.

You can choose treatment with folk medicine – effective and tested. Here are some useful advices that will help you get rid of cracked capilars on the face with the help of traditional cosmetology.

How to cure couperose, redness and cracked capilars on the face:

  1. Aloe

Cut an aloe leaf on its length and keep it in the fridge for a couple of days. Before going to sleep, massage the skin on your face with the cut side of the leaf, previously cleaned with green or black tea. If it burns, try to hold, the burning usually passes after 2-3 treatments. Do this every other day for 2 weeks.

  1. Green tomato

Put layers of green tomato for 10 days.  It contains every essential acids that actively work on destroying couperose. Cut the tomato on slices and put it on the problematic areas, for 3 minutes. After that, put nourishing cream on your face.

  1. Parsley

This effective recipe was used by our grandmothers. Take a handful of parsley leafs and pour 100ml hot water over them. Cover it and let it stay for half an hour. Then, filter it and add 50ml of milk. Dip a small piece of cotton in it, squeeze it gently and put it on you your face (or the problematic area of the face) for 20 minutes. Repeat the procedure 20 days. Repeat it if needed.

  1. Sage

Prepare a curing sage milk. Pour 200ml of hot water over 4 teaspoons of dried sage. Cover it and let it stay for 10 minutes. After that, filter it and add 200ml of milk. Thoroughly rub the face with this milk. After 10 minutes wash the face with the rest of the milk. Then, wash it with cold water a couple of times. You can repeat the procedure every day, until you notice changes  on the skin.

And of course, try to hold on healthy way of life. Don’t poison your organism with cigarettes, alcohol. Exercise and eat healthy.

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