How To Fall Asleep In Less Than 60 Seconds? Effective Method Against Insomnia


In her confession on how she found this beautiful method, Ali Gonzales explained this:

“ It all started a week before the wedding of my best friend. At that time the fatique and anxiety reached a critical point. I could not sleep. All because I had to think of a speech. My shyness and nervousness would not let me sleep. After three days of insomnia and care for the wedding that follows, I seek for and advice from the bride’s mother. She proposed a method, which was to succeed. I believed in her, because this woman gives lessons on meditation for a long time and has a license in medicine practice. What can I say, her advice changed my life!”


It is best to remember this technique as “4-7-8”. Here’s what you should do….

Technique for fast falling asleep 4-7-8

Lay on your bed, make yourself comfortable and warm.

  1. Close your eyes and breathe deeply through your nose. Inhaling to the full should last for 4 seconds.
  2. After this, hold the air in your chest for 7 seconds.
  3. Finally, start exhaling slowly for 8 seconds through your mouth.
  4. The, repeat the whole 4-7-8 procedure.

You can count the seconds in your mind while doing this and thus follow the procedure of breathing.

It’s that simple. This breathing exercise slows down the heart rate and calms. Besides that, it works quickly – in just a few repetitions. Although it looks like nonsense, it really works.

How does it work?

“I couldn’t wait to try this “joke” of practice. To my complete surprise, I woke up the next morning. I didn’t even realize I have counted those 8 seconds to exhale after the second repetition. Here’s what I found out about this effect:

When you feel stress, worry or anxiety, the amount of adrenaline in the blood rises and breathing becomes shallow and rapid. The method this woman told me works as a sedative. Holding your breath with particularly slow exhalation slows down the heart rate. It is physiology.

Also, this method calms your mind. Only because you constantly have to count in your mind and stay concentrated on breathing. At that point you don’t realize it, but your nervous system will slowly calm the feeling of concern will disappear. This can confirm any neurologist. As a result, your whole body will relax. The speed and strength of this method is similar to anesthesia.”

The doctor of medical sciences at the Harvard University, Andrew Weil has been dealing with research on this technique. He found out that the “4-7-8” method was known to Indian yoga teachers for several centuries. They used it while meditating to achieve complete relaxation. So, we can conclude that it is completely safe.

If you wake up at night or have your thoughts on something before you fall asleep, or are nervous about some event that follows, use the “4-7-8” method. It will be of great use for you.

Dr Weil recommends practicing this method every day twice, so that you become able to use it every time you need it.

Try it, you won’t be sorry!

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