How To Fasten The Menstrual Period In a Natural Way


There is an important date, vacation, weekend coming and with it the period. You want to make it come earlier a couple of days? Here are several natural and safe tricks that can work.

This is not about medications, we wouldn’t advise you to use them, but about some advices that women claim they have helped. For some of them it is important to consult a doctor before trying them.


Hot bath and layers

One of the most popular methods is the soft fastening of the period. Not only that it relaxes you and takes away the PMS symptoms, but the warmth relaxes the stomach muscles and improves the blood circulation in the uterus. The layers (which we put in the lower abdomen part) have similar effect.

Vitamin C

According to some studies, the increased input of vitamin C can lead to the period to come a couple of days earlier. Try to take it in a natural way – oranges, kiwi, gooseberries, yellow and red pepper…


They are good for the health, for less painful periods, but also with an improved circulation, a little more intensive workout you can make the period to come earlier. But, don’t exaggerate because you will make the opposite effect.


No matter how strange it seems, some researches have shown that women that spend a lot fo time together have similar periods. So, if some of your friends got their period earlier, you are next.


Of course, you have to be careful how you feed yourself. Too much salty and tough food is not good at all, because you will only feel flatulence and heaviness, and the coming of the period will be prolonged. Eat food rich with carotene: papaya, spinach, apricots, peach.


You have to be careful with tea. Take them in the regular doses and for more consult the doctor.

The most loose herbs of this group, whose tea you can drink to fasten the coming of the period are chamomile, parsley, ginger, rosemary, yarrow, raspberry leafs, sage…

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