How To Get a Flat Belly With The Help Of a String



The physiotherapists have come up with a method that can help you keep your belly tight and flat. With a simple string, tied around your torso, the string can help you keep a tight belly without the boring exercises at the gym. As the adepts claim, the string will constantly remind you to tighten the belly muscles.

The leading British physiotherapist Semi Margo claims that a string tied around your torso constantly reminds the man of the necessity to tighten the belly muscles.

Here’s what you need to do:

“Take the string, tie it around your torso and the belly muscles. Fix it on you while you inhale, so that you can feel it while exhaling. The pressure of the string will constantly remind you of the necessity to tighten your muscles. You will do this during the whole day, while you walk, sit, while at work or at home. Try not to take off the string as long as you can. It will provide you a flat belly and improve the body posture.”

This kind of exercises are done all day and night, which is a lot more effective than exercising three times a week. Semi claims that his simple method helps people in succeeding what they wanted with less physical and psychological waste.

The inner belly muscles are probably the only ones not treated with dynamic movements in the entire body. Just static. Constantly tightening the belly muscles (holding the belly in) is an exercise that leads to flat belly.

In these exercises also belongs the vacuum exercise that enables to strengthen the inner belly muscles and make the torso thinner in several weeks.

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