How To Get Rid Of Back Pain By Massaging Your Feet


You can feel the problems as painful and thick points

A massage of the feet can help to relieve tension in the back and get rid of neck pain. You will feel the effects of massage after the first treatment. In addition of being extremely helpful to your health, it is very pleasant.

Take a few minutes a day for yourself and you will instantly feel the improvement.


Foot massage against back pain:

To begin, you need to find the “spine” on the foot:

Sit on the floor with the crossed legs and grab the foot.

The line between the heel and the big toe is a projection of your spine. Divide this line visually on cross, middle back, thoracic and cervical spine. The lower back is closer to the heel and the upper big toe.

Press this line using the thumb of your hand in the direction of the heel if there are problems in the back, you’ll find their reflection in the foot. You will feel them as painful and thickened points. By massaging these points, you act directly on the spine.

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