How To Get Rid Of Darkened Knees And Elbows



A problem most of us face with and is visible in the summer time.Try some of these recipes and you will notice instant positive effects

Natural oils

The different natural oils can be of great help in removing the dark spots from the elbows and the knees. They also help in soothing the dry skin in these sensitive spots. As best of them have shown to be the olive and coconut oil which are great for skin care.

Fruit with whitening effects

The fruit that contains the most fruit acids can have a surprisingly good whitening effect, which is a natural and safe way for removing the dark spots on the skin. After putting the lemon juice don’t expose to sunlight for at least 10 to 12 hours because you will get the opposite effect.

Body cream

Use body creams regularly after every shower. If possible, use creams with natural ingredients. This way you will stop the drying of the skin and its color change.

Sun protection cream

Protect the exposed skin with creams for protection from the sun to avoid the additional change that occurs from the sunlight.

Aloe vera gel

Put aloe vera gel on the elbows and knees, leave it for one hour and you will instantly notice the positive effect.

Pilling brush

Use pilling brush regularly to remove the dead cells from the skin that can also lead to darkening. It is best to use it after shower, with circle movements.

Lemon and honey

The honey is great for keeping the moisture of the skin, while the lemon naturally whitens the skin. Together they revitalize your skin and make it healthier and stretched.

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