How To Get Rid Of The Deformed Lumps On Your Feet?

How To Get Rid Of The Deformed Lumps On Your Feet?

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Hallux Valgus is the most common bone deformation in the area of your feet. It can affect all races and people, and the most common causers are the tight shoes and high heels. Flu, angina, bad metabolism, deformity of the spine, bad food, gout and rheumatic infections can influence on the creation of his deformity. Even though they mostly evolve from uncomfortable shoes and that is why it is not unusual that it appears mostly (over 80%) at the female population in the 4th decade of their lives. Genes can also be a factor.

This deformity is manifested with pain and inflammation that arises as a result of irritation from the tight shoes, and in the progressive cases deformation of other fingers can be caused also.


Hallus Valgus is a progressive deformation that implies distortion of the thumb on your foot or a lateral deviation, displacing of the first metatarsal bone and formation of painful lumps in the inner side of the foot at the level of the first metacarpophalangeal joint.

These lumps are a real nightmare. Not only that is difficult to find fitting pair of shoes, but they also keep pressure, hurt and bother, and above all, they give a non esthetic, very bad look of the foot.

They can be taken down with operation, but this is just e temporary solution. The good news is that the traditional medicine has effective solutions for solving this problem.

At the beginning clear your organism from salt deposits.

Cleaning organism from salt deposit

In the evening, pour 300ml of water pour over one tablespoon of bay leaf and boil it for 5 minutes. After this keep the composition in a thermos until the morning. In the morning filter it and drink it during the day in small sips (don’t drink it all at once).

Don’t get upset if you have constant need for urinating, it is a sign that the organism started cleaning itself from the salt, and this will irritate the bladder. You can feel the result after 10 days. You feel a relief through your body and the pain in the joints will go away.

This recipe is also effective for breaking stones in gallbladder and turning them into sand.

A curing mixture against bone deformations on your feet

The way of curing is 2 months long, but the deformations will go away after this forever.

Take 5 dry bay leafs, crumble them and pour 100ml of 96% alcohol. Let it stay for 1 week and then filter it.

Rub the composition on the lumps, but before rubbing them, keep your feet in hot bath (3l of water and 1 tablespoon of sodium bicarbonate).After this, wipe your feet, put on short cotton socks and lay down.

Elimination of the pain

Aspirin and iodine

This is a great remedy for releasing from the painful deformities, the joints and other lumps and it is a combination of iodine and aspirin.

Grind 5 tablets of aspirin or other acetylsalicylic acid (200g) and put 10ml of iodine.

Mix it until the aspirin melts and becomes colorless.Spread this mixture over the painful areas every night. After this, keep them warm during the night. You will notice a positive effect very soon.

Soap and iodine

The plain soap eases the pain and inflammation of the deformed bones on your feet.Shred the soap, put it on the painful place and rub it good. Wash your feet, dry them well and make iodine net: wet a cotton ear cleaner with iodine and draw a net over the deformity. It is a net with horizontal and vertical lines, with squares of 1cm. Te iodine spread this way is best absorbed. You should let the iodine dry on your skin and then put on socks.

The treatment lasts 30 days.

Lemon and iodine

The deformities can be rubbed with a mixture of lemon juice and iodine in the same amounts, which is also effective for the heels.

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