How To Grow Avocado Trees From Seeds On The First Try!


The avocado is an incredible fruit – besides being delicious, it is famous for its fibers that are great for the heart and the liver. Additionally, even if you ate it, it doesn’t mean that you need to throw away the seed. It sounds unusual, but it can still be used!


With the help of water and toothpick, you can grow avocado tree in a plastic bottle.

The procedure is very simple. It all starts with not throwing away the seed. You need to clean it and stab three toothpicks on it, then put it on a plastic glass of water.

Put the glass next to a heating device to fasten the process and watch the avocado growing day by day.

Once the avocado grows leafs, you can get the seed out of the water and plant it in soil.

The new herb should be exposed to sunshine and enough warmth.

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