How to Grow Your Own Ginger at Home

How to Grow Your Own Ginger at Home

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Ginger is a root whose curing properties are mentioned a lot lately, and the biggest rewards are given to it because of the immunity improvement and its efficacy in fighting against infections.

If you want this magical ingredient to be added more often to your menu, you can find it in the bigger markets. But, the ginger can also be grown home, in which case you will save money and have a fresh product.

In home conditions the ginger can be well grown. It is important to know that the vegetation of this herb lasts from 8 to 10 months. The root is planted during this season – February and March.


 Here’s how to raise it at home

Before planting it, the root should germinate. For this purpose, put it in a loose solution of water and permanganate (permanganate of potassium, sold in the pharmacies) and let it stay for couple of hours.

Then, put it in a nylon bag and don’t take it out until you notice it has germinated like a potato.

After it has germinated, cut in several pieces, of which every piece should have one well sprouted part.

Plant the parts in shallow, but wide pots full of soil, humus and sand in ratio of 1:1:1/2.

The first growth should come out in 1-2 months. In good conditions, they could grow to height of even 1m.

In fall, when the grown plant dies, take out the root, clean it from the soil and keep it in a dry place. Part of the roots can be used as food or medication, the other part can be kept for the next season and plant it in the same way.

Keep the fresh ginger in the lower shelf of the fridge about 30 days, and the dry ginger can be kept for 4 months.

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