How To Keep Parsley Fresh And Aromatic Without Freezing


Fresh parsley is a great addition and garnish each dish. About its benefits for our health can not talk long.

Many are grown in their gardens, many in pots on their terraces, and most of us buy at markets.

A common question faced by many housewives is to keep parsley fresh and fragrant longer period of time. Not everyone is able to purchase daily fresh green onions, celery, dill, spinach, parsley ..

Save parsley within one month, and at the same time without losing the quality and vitamins will help you this advice.

To save parsley will require ordinary glass jars (one or more).


What to do:

Before sending parsley to keep, it is preferable that the wash. This is done not only because of the convenience for further use, but also to let the parsley to “breathe”. You can leave it in the water for about an hour, to absorb as much moisture and preserve the attractive appearance.

Next, put on the table cloth and cotton on her wet parsley. Allow to dry for 15-20 minutes.

After that, parsley agree in glass jar and close the clear plastic cover. Leave in the fridge. Without airflow, parsley can be kept for more than a month.

You can open a jar every time you need parsley, but you should not forget that the seal before it is back in the fridge.

Another way will help you to keep parsley fresh for two weeks.

Washed and dried parsley put in a plastic bag, tie, and make a few holes with a toothpick for ventilation.

Of course, to retain for a longer period of time suitable freezing.

Clean, washed and dried parsley, place in plastic boxes with lids, or in plastic bags and place in freezer.

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