How To Light Op Your Hair In 2-3 Shades With The Help Of Cinnamon. Hair Mask With Cinnamon


The cinnamon isn’t just an aromatic spice, it is a safe alternative to light up your hair. It will not only help you light it up, but it will also make it shiny, soft and silky on touch. And the smell will be amazing! While using cinnamon masks you will not only get the wanted effect but also strengthen the hair follicles and force the hair growth. It is all because the cinnamon is the only product with rich properties, especially vitamins and antioxidants.

The best effect is made lightening the blond shades – with only one treatment the hair color is changed for 2-3 shades. The brunettes must be more patient and repeat the procedure several times. Sometimes there might be no result, it all depends on the structure of the hair and the hair color. But, anyway, it is worth to try. After applying the cinnamon mask your hair will be soft, silky and revitalized. So….we are going to make a cinnamon mask and try to make your hair lighter.


Cinnamon masks for natural lightning up

For the preparation of this mask you will need:

-3 tablespoons of honey

-3 tablespoons of cinnamon

-5 or 6 tablespoons of hair balsam

The quantity of this mask is adapted for one usage for long hair. For short or medium hair take half of the quantity of the ingredients.

Mix the honey and cinnamon in a pot. Mix them slowly so they unite well.

When these ingredients unite, add the hair balsam. Mix it all well again. Now this mixture is ready to be used.

Wash your hair like you do it regularly. When the hair is dry, comb it with a big comb and divide it on parts.

Put in on your hair with a dying comb trying to thoroughly color every layer. If you want you can put it with your hands only by rubbing. Be careful not to put it on your face because it can cause irritation and redness. Also, don’t rub it on the skin of your head.

When you’ve applied the mask, raise your hair, put a nylon bag on it and cover it with towel. Keep the towel for 30 minutes and then take it off, because it is no longer necessary to warm it. Leave only the nylon bag and keep it for 4-5 hours. After that wash it with warm water.

Result: your hair will be 1-3 shades lighter.

If you want your hair to be lighter, repeat the treatment several times. This mask will be especially good for people with oily hair. If you have dry hair, you can add 1 tablespoon of olive oil.

My experience with the cinnamon mask:

I didn’t have such a big desire to light up my hair. I did it of curiosity. I can say that this mask works, but not on dark blond hair (like mine), but on a natural light blond or blond hair. My hair became orange.

While washing it I needed 5 minutes to rinse the whole cinnamon from the hair by using comb. There is no need to use shampoo, use only water. When the hair dried, I got volume, it was easy to comb and it very soft. The smell is amazing…it smelled like cinnamon all day long.

I wouldn’t experiment anymore, this orange color isn’t for me. I’ll stick to the yeast mask, it is more suitable for me and it’s cheaper. Try it yourself if you’d like and see the results. Unlike me, my neighbor had more luck and after the first try she got lighter hair (the first picture is of her). Don’t rub the mask on the skin so that you don’t cause irritation, but the itching during you have it on your hair is normal. And of course, the mask has effect only on natural hair, not dyed.

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