How To Make Your Own Detoxification Bandage?


Detoxification bandages have two effects on our organism – improve the reflex spots and ingest the toxins from our organism. The prices of the detoxification bandages can be very high, but you can make it yourself. There are plenty of advices on the internet that offer different combinations.


How to make the detoxification bandage?

You need an aluminium foil, from which you will cut a piece of 10 x 6 cm.

Make a mixture of the dried herbs. It is best if you pound them in a pestle until they turn to dust.

For example: you can take turmeric, chamomile, baby’s powder and vitamin C in dust from the pharmacy store.

Take a piece of gaze and fix it on the foot. Leave it during the night.

This way you make an organic bandage, which is the secret of the effect: a layer of an organic matter and metal on the skin. You can use any kind of healthy herb and pound it in the pestle.

Bandage effects:

The main advantages of the detoxification bandage are:

-they improve the reflex spots

-improve the excretion of the toxins

What to expect:

-immunity improvement

-detoxification and cleaning of the organism

-improvement of the body functions

-balance in the organism


-lifestyle change

-more energy

-slowing down of the ageing

-anti stress effect

-quality dream

-more concentration



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