How to Recognize the First Symptoms of Kidney Stones!

How to Recognize the First Symptoms of Kidney Stones!

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Kidney stones can have a variety of symptoms, and it may happen that doesn’t have at all. Large stones, which fills the entire channel system failure, it does not create problems, but it is the only suspect on the basis of periodic pathological findings in urine. Smaller stones often show symptoms because their running causes pain or blood in the urine.

Scale is moving down the urethra causing very severe pain in the form of cramps, which is intensifying, and may be accompanied by nausea and vomiting. It usually begins in the flank and spread to the bladder. Preventive work, it is best to drink substantial amounts of fluid, about 2.5 liters a day. You do not need to change diet while not accurately determine the composition of scale.

For example, the exclusion of milk and dairy products without first determining the composition of lime, and conducted tests, may even worsen the situation. It was noted that this problem is hereditary, but it is not known with certainty whether caused by genetic factors, or dietary habits in certain families. What, however, is certainly known is that a person who once had a kidney stones,have a chance to have it again!

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