How To Recognize The Main Symptoms Of Cervical Cancer


The early stadiums of the cervical uterus cancer are asymptomatic, there are no symptoms. This  fact affirms how important the regular controls are for early discovery and stopping the growth of the disease.


But, if the cancer starts to grow there might be the following symptoms:

-uterus bleeding between two menstrual periods

-bleeding and pain during coitus

-bleeding after the menopause

-pain in the lower abdomen

-bigger excretion of vaginal secretion with strong smell that can contain blood

-total body weakening

If you notice some of these symptoms, you don’t need to instantly come to a conclusion that you have cancer. Some of these symptoms may occur as a result of an infection or some sexually transmitted disease. But, anyway, you must go to the gynecologist and do the tests needed.

In the traditional and in the official medicine the St John’s wort, sage, chamomile and yarrow are used for gynecological problems. The vaginal tablets with oil extract from these herbs and the root of carrot (bought in the pharmacies) help in renewing of the mucous of the cervix and vagina, remove the consequences of the inflammations and secretion, itching, pain and stinging. The vaginal tablets help in menopause also.

Vaginal tablets are also useful for the women in menopause, because they affect bacteria and fungus. The oil extract of carrot root, as a natural source of vitamins A, D and E forces the revitalization of the vaginal mucous and stops the bacterial and fungus infection. the vitamin E improves the microcirculation, stops the production of free radicals, improves the regeneration of the damaged cells and has a strong anti inflammatory effect.

The vaginal tablets are put before going to sleep, in horizontal, as deep as you can. The therapy should last from 5 to 15 days for a better effect, but of course you should consult the doctor first.

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