How To Remove Tonsil Stones At Home!


Do you suffer from bad breath no matter how many fresheners you use? For some people there is no way to solve the problem of bad breath.


What is the causer?

An often causer is the tonsil stones.

These are little spots that can be seen on the tonsils and can make your breath be really bad. These plaques reduce gas that has bad smell. The tonsils stones are actually deposited slimes with bacteria and calcified food that is deposited in the terminal part of the throat.

After it becomes hard, not only you will have problems with the bad breath, but you can also have problems with swallowing the food.

Those stones can sometimes fall off by their own, but it often must be done with operation. There is a third solution also, which is to remove this enemy from your mouth by yourself.

If you have the stomach to look at this video:

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