How To Use Himalayan Salt Lamps For Better Sleep and Mental Clarity


Usually, people use Himalayan rock salt for cooking purposes, and most of us know that it’s highly beneficial for lowering cholesterol and blood pressure. However, this salt is also beneficial for our overall health, and it can be used in case of insomnia, headaches, allergies, etc.


Nowadays, wireless world is causing harmful effects on the environment because the wireless mobile equipment that people are using everyday release positive ions, thus forming electronic smug, which is really harmful for our health. Moreover, they are potential causers of cancer.
Positive ions are reason for mental health problems, insomnia, and allergies, which happen because of our brain’s exposure to 20 times more electronic smog amount than it can actually handle. This is why neutralization of these positive ions is necessary nowadays.
Neutralization of positive ions- Since opposites attracts each other, it will be negative ions that will neutralize the positive ones, and the source for them is the amazing Himalayan salt. The neutralization happens when the negative ions attach themselves to positive ions in areas such as allergens, dust, irritants, and electronic smug. Once this happens, the positive ions are neutralized and the surrounding air becomes pure and fresh, and we can feel freshness and positivity around us, just as we are near some waterfall or beach.

Turn on the Lights

How to use it? Firstly, buy a Himalayan salt lamp, which is consisted of salt with a bulb supplying light. Since the bulb heats up the salt, negative ions are released. Salt attracts moisture from the surrounding area, so in a humid environment it can occur wet. It is the bulb’s heat that makes it evaporate quickly, so the positive ions are neutralized and removed.

Relieving arthritis, headaches, migraines, blood pressure problems, respiratory illness, and stress-related problems are only few of the benefits. You will feel as you have just visited a beautiful scenic place.

Stay Positive

The most important thing is that you feel cool, calm, relaxed, and composed. Your surrounding fills with positivity and freshness. You feel safe and happy, so you have a good day. These ancient oceans’ salts are here to improve our lives in every possible way. Keep it in your home, and light it up in your own way.

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