How To Whiten Your Teeth With Coconut Oil


It’s that simple! When you wake up, do the following: take a spoonful of coconut oil and hold it in your mouth before breakfast. It may sound strange to you, but this method proved to be very useful and effective.


It is best to leave the whole amount in your mouth for five minutes or longer. The unpleasant taste is worth every minute because the coconut oil can kill all the bacteria in your mouth and remove the plaque.

The plaque is the most common cause of health problems such as pain in the gums and dental pockets. If you keep the coconut oil longer in your mouth, you will remove the unpleasant breath, reduce the risk of throat cancer and inflammation of the gums.

Teeth floss is always a solution, but with the help of this recipe your teeth will finally shine.

You can see in the following video how Paulina Allure’s teeth are white and shiny because she uses this recipe every day for 20 minutes.

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