How You Can Revitalize Your Joints And Increase The Mobility (5 Minutes Per Day)


Many health problems come along with the age, and most often the hips suffer together with other injuries that can seriously affect your mobility. Therefore, regular exercise becomes an imperative with age, mostly because you overall health depends on it.

Your mobility can increase and thereby reduce the risk of injury with these simple stretching exercises. You can read about them in the following lines. If you regularly do these exercises they will significantly improve your stamina and health.

  1. Sitting butterfly


Sit on the floor, bent your legs and your feet before you joined as shown on the picture. Lean forward from the hips and make sure your back is straight. Be careful: don’t lean your head, but chest. Hold this position for 30 seconds then return to the starting position. Don’t overdo at the beginning to avoid injury. Lean as much as you can.

  1. Pigeon posture


This position is probably the most effective for opening and stretching the hips. Start on all fours. Slowly bring your right knee forward putting your right hand under it. Set the ankle before the left thigh so that the leg gets an angle of 90 degrees bending and place it before your body. Keep this position for 30 seconds then do the same again with the other leg.

  1. Hip raises stretch


This exercise can successfully tighten buttocks and increase the elasticity of your thighs. Lie on your back with your knees bent and place appropriate weight on your stomach. Lift the seat in a straight line with the back and lower back. Keep your feet on the floor. Return to the original position and repeat this 10 times.

  1. Bridge


Similar to the hip raises, this exercise with raising your body is very effective for your hips. It strengthens the muscles on the buttocks as well. Repeat as much as you can.

  1. Sitting stretch


Sit on a bench or chair and lift your leg flat before you. Bend your right leg at the knee and place it under the left. Hold for 2 seconds. Repeat 10 times alternately with both feet. For better balance and performance, use a belt or elastic band around the rotating foot.

  1. Walking in one place


Stand up straight. Lift your right knee and step forward descending and keep the left leg behind stretched. It is best to rely on a stool to keep balance.

Straighten up, then make descends down with the other leg. Repeat 10 times.

In addition to these exercises, swimming and hiking is recommended. The exercises will take 5-10 minutes of your time, and with their help you will revitalize your joints and increase the mobility.

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