How You Sleep Is How You Live


We spend approximately 1/3 of our lives sleeping, which greatly affects our health. The position we take while sleeping can affect the healthy functioning of our organs, especially if you take in consideration the fact that 95% of us sleep in the same position every night.


Sleeping on the back

This is the most usual way of sleeping, and the researches have shown that it leads to good health use. This position gives our organs more space. It is considered that the effect is even bigger if our knees are a little bend and raised, which lowers the pressure on the elbows and toes. This way the blood circulates freely in our organism.

For those who snore during sleeping this position isn’t the luckiest combination. Also, this position isn’t recommended for pregnant women because it leads to lower circulation to the placenta.

Sleeping on side

According to many people the most comfortable position of the body during sleeping. The spine is in perfect position and has a great support. A god percentage of the people that sleep in this position are calling it also a “fetus” position. Namely, you need to have a higher pillow and sleep in the right side of the body because that way, the heart works better.

To some people it leads to problems with regular breathing and partially closing of the breathing pathways. The reason for that is the gravity that makes the tongue to make a contact with the palates and that way the breathing pathways are partially closed, which makes us breathe with open mouth while we sleep.

Sleeping on our stomach

This position is considered to be the worst position for sleeping. Besides that it exerts our neck, it makes a pressure to our intern organs. When we sleep on our back it leads to lower breathing. If you sleep on your tummy, your face is smacked on the pillow and it leads to appearance of wrinkles.

If you sleep on your tummy and can’t dis-habituate, try sleeping without a pillow to lower the negative effect of this position while sleeping.

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