Ideal Drink For Fast Detoxification, to Strengthen the Immune System and Make the Skin Radiant


Although the solar energy affects our mood good and nourishes the skin with vitamin D during the summer months, the body is exhausted and often ends with fall of immunity.


To restore the power and to prepare the body for the new season in which the viruses and allergies rule, reach for detoxification water – a drink made of only 4 ingredients to strengthen the immune system and make the skin radiant.


-2l water

-1 fresh cucumber

-1 lemon or 2 limes

-10 to 12 leaves of menthol


Wash the lemon and cucumber well and cut them in slices. Put the fruits vegetables and the mint leaves in a glass container. Pour water over the ingredients, close the jar and place it in the fricge to cool. Drink one cup of this water every day for detoxification.

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