If You Are Pregnant Don’t Drink This, It May Cause Spontaneous Miscarriage


The latest researches say that the reasonable quantities of caffeine don’t enlarge the risk of spontaneous miscarriage.

Many pregnant women, from the moment they find out they are pregnant, they immediately throw the caffeine away from their everyday life because of the fear that the coffee can enlarge the risk of spontaneous miscarriage.


Bu, the latest researches from the American Association of gynecologists and obstetrics claim that the reasonable input of caffeine – less than 200g a day doesn’t enlarge the risk of spontaneous miscarriage.

The same cannot be said for the bigger quantities of caffeine, say the researchers from the association in the august edition of the Obstetrics and Gynecology magazine.

“Many women have been getting wrong recommendations for whether they should or should not take caffeine during pregnancy” says Dr William Barth, the president of the association. Namely, he claims that after taking in consideration all the scientific facts, the reasonable input of caffeine has no negative effect related to the spontaneous miscarriage or early labor.

Variations of the caffeine components

200mg of caffeine is equal to 300g cup of coffee, but you should take in consideration the different kinds of coffee because many of them in the same cup of coffee of 300gcontain more than 300mg of caffeine.

240g caffeinated tea and more than 300g non alcoholic sodas contain less than 50mg caffeine. As well, 50g chocolate contains 35mg caffeine.

This new study is based on the recent researches that are concentrated on the effects of caffeine during the pregnancy. The authors also take in consideration the risk of intrauterine restriction and development (IUGR – intrauterine growth restriction) during the pregnancy as a result of drinking coffee. Even though there is no definite evidence that the caffeine enlarges the risk of IUGR, we still need more researches to understand that connection.

Dr Semi David, and expert for reproductive endocrinology and fertility advices that it is enough for the pregnant woman to take approximately 200mg caffeine a day, which is equal to 240g of coffee in liquid.

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