If You Have Problems With Slow Metabolism, Use These Advice!


Some people have genetic fast metabolism. Generally speaking, men have faster metabolism than the women, but some people don’t have enough fast metabolism. The fast metabolism helps us burn calories and easily digest food. If you have problems with slow metabolism, use these advices.


Drink green tea

Drinking green tea is a successful method for fastening metabolism. Research has shown that regularly consuming green tea can enlarge calorie burning for 17%.

Drink coffee with control

The coffee is healthy if it is taken reasonably. The scientists claim that the coffee improves the metabolism and burn calories, but the effect is I low terms.

More vitamin C

The vitamin C and the calcium are partners in crime when it comes to the speed of the metabolism. The calcium fastens the metabolism, while the vitamin C helps the absorb the minerals, which makes it a wining situation.

Drink cold water

Drinking water is very important for keeping the condition of the metabolism. Even the soft dehydration can lower the metabolism. It is better to drink cold water because the organism will be obligated to use more energy to warm it and with that, it will fasten the metabolism and burn many calories.

Eat less, but more often

If you eat twice a day and massively, the organism will be exhausted and won’t work continuously, but if you eat after every three hours, the organism will digest the food permanently, while constantly spending energy and burning calories.

Lower the stress

The stress increases the cortisol  level in our body. The cortisol is a hormone that gives command to our organism to keep the fat in tense situations. Try yoga or meditation to lower the stress and calm down.

Work out

Every day work out is important for good metabolism. This may be the most effective method for fastening of the metabolism and of course, calorie spending.

Spice up the food

This is something you haven’t heard of. A little hot spice can intensively improve the metabolism and help in calorie burning, but, don’t exaggerate with this method.

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