Improve Your Body Hold With 3 minute Drill


Maybe is it time to devote attention to the problem that we all have in habit to ignore. Our body hold! This is especially important for those who spend their day in sitting, comfortably in front of computer regardless of whether they work or teach.


Many people are not aware of their bad sitting and that indeed cause lot of stress on your back. For even worse the bad body hold can cause sleeping problems and slouch. Fortunately there is one 3- minute exercises which can also assist in dealing this problem.

These exercises have instant results that last short. Therefore for repairing the damage, you will have to make an effort to practice more than 2 times per day, in the morning and evening at least for month. After long practice the results will start to receive long lasting results.

Note: These exercises should not represent permanent cure for the problems of the backbone, you should consider getting medical advice. If you have any kind of pain or discomfort it is best to visit doctor.


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