Instead Of Aspirin Take Cherries!


Cherries, in the nation are known as the fruit of “good reputation” which has many medicinal properties, and recent scientific studies have confirmed this.

It is claimed that we are very close to the moment when the doctors will give us on recipe.

Cherries are rich with antioxidants, so studies have shown that have beneficial effects to the prevention of heart disease ,guard  bone health and relieve pain. In addition to antioxidants, cherries are also rich with flavonoids.


It is believed that due to the large amounts of anthocyanins this fragrant fruit can alleviate pain and 20 of these fruits has a better effect than one aspirin.

Because of large amounts of boron, magnesium and calcium are good guardians of our bones, and due to the high share of water and few calories they help us to lose weight. The combination of anti-aging oxidants, fiber, vitamins and minerals purify our blood and increases energy.

In addition to the healing properties of the fruit and stone, cherries even include the stem. From the stems you can make tea, which will facilitate the excretion of urine and problems associated with kidney stones. Simply, place a handful of stems in a liter of boiling water and let it boil for two minutes, then let stand for about 15 minutes. Thereafter, drain tea and sip in small sips throughout the day.

In Japan, the cherry’s flower is considered the national flower and symbolizes happiness.

Therefore, the Japanese thousands of years  cherished tradition of  Ohana, which means “go see cherry blossoms” and flowering cherries in April, for the Japanese is a very important event.

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