Is Heartburn Bothering You? Here’s What You Need To Do


Heartburns or a feeling of burning in your stomach is a symptom of acid reflux. If this happens a lot, then it comes to gastro-esophageal reflux known as GERD.


The heartburn occurs as a consequence of a heavy meal, tight clothes, pregnancy, certain medicine, food, stress, smoking, fast food, lying down after a meal, or not enough chewed food. But, if heartburn is bothering you, don’t reach after medicine instantly. First try these natural methods:

Sleep on the left side – the research has shown that sleeping on stomach causes reflux of the acids, and the team from Stanford, after studying this phenomenon concluded that sleeping on left side is better than sleeping on the right side.

Smaller meals – try to eat 4-5 smaller meals a day, instead of three big. The full stomach can cause heartburn.

Add spices to your food – many spicy plants, like the turmeric, help in creating a protective coating along the mucous membrane of the gaster, in which way it is protected.

Wear bigger clothes – the tight clothes and the belts can make the situation worse. That’s why ypu need to wear bigger clothes that won’t squeeze the stomach.

Stand up straight – there is nothing simpler than standing straight after eating a meal that will help the food and acid stay in the stomach and don’t reflux. Don’t lay down after the meal.

Stop smoking – the cigarettes are a real horror for our health. The nicotine causes production of excessive acid in the stomach.

Lose weight – the obesity is a risk factor for heartburn and GERB. Try to lose some weight.

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