Is It Safe To Cut Off The Mold And Eat The Rest Of The Food!


The green mold on the surcease of your bread and the rest of your food as well as the dark spots on the fruit are spores visible to the naked eye, little specks with characteristic color of the mustiness. Although, you need to know that the rest of it and its roots are hard to see because they go deep into our food.


Just because the different colors of the spores on the surface of the food are just a part of the mould, so the cutting off and grating it won’t save you from eating little pieces of the fungi.

“Most of the mustiness is not dangerous, but some of them are.” – says Nadine Shah, specialist on technical information from the American ministry of agronomy.  “Some of the moulds contain maitotoxins, poisonous substances that can cause allergic reactions or respiratory problems. The aflatoxin especially, is known to be causing tumor.” – says Shah.

The maitotoxins can be found in moulds that grow on beans, but, also, they can be found in grape juice, celery, apples and other ingredients according to USDA. The bad known aflatoxin is mostly know to occur on the peanuts and corns, so it is constantly followed by the alimentary and doctors’ chamber administration in the USA.

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