It’s Not a Secret Anymore! – Here’s What The Colors on The Tooth Paste Packaging Mean!


Many of us don’t pay attention on the packaging of the tooth paste we are buying.

After reading this, you will see that the tooth paste packaging informs us of some details that we need to know.


Pay attention on the lower part of the tube, where you’ll find a colored square.

This square can be of different colors, depending on the ingredients of the tooth paste. You must be aware of them.

For that purpose, here is the information you need about this colored square.

Green – completely natural

Blue – natural ingredients + medicines

Red – natural ingredients + chemicals

Black – completely of chemicals

On the other side, even though this information is approachable to the customers, there are opposite claims that these colors have nothing to do with the ingredients of the tooth paste. Besides that, you can check the ingredients on the packaging – they are written.

The decision is yours. If you are really interested you can make additional research on this matter and find out how to choose the best tooth paste for you.


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