Juice of Cannabis Have a Healing Effect

Juice of Cannabis Have a Healing Effect

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Consumption of juice squeezed from raw plants or fruit is a great way to enter all the best material from the plant material, and therefore the treatment of cannabis and you need to take into account its raw juice. Cannabis, among other things, contains tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD), and both compounds have a healing effect. Cannabidiol (cannabinoids in cannabis) balances the effect of THC. As with any other plants, emphasizes the consumption of whole cannabis plant (leaves and buds) because of its medicinal compounds.

In each plant compounds act to each other direct’, an act to mitigate the negative effects of others, others emphasize the good and that’s the power of each plant the mutual effects of the compounds. Another advantage of the raw juice of cannabis is that the heat intensifies the only THC, while others lose their useful compounds, heat destroys them.

Cannabidiol from marijuana to help bridge the gap in neurotransmission in the central nervous system, providing two-way communication system which mimics the transmission of neurons in the human body, as opposed to the one-way transmission, which promotes inflammation.


Dr. William Courtney, a former skeptic, and now one of the biggest advocates of raw juice of marijuana is treated Kristen Peskuski which is rheumatoid arthritis diagnosed at the age of 16. She had systemic lupus, endometriosis, and a host of other diseases and conditions and raw cannabis helped off with as many as 40 drugs. She claims that her raw cannabis saved my life, because she simply suffered from the disorder endocanabinoid system. Namely, there are people in the system that affects many other systems, and works on the principle of cannabinoids and cannabinoid receptors. In the case when the system is not working properly, help arriving cannabinoids from marijuana, which fit perfectly on the human cannabinoid receptors, which allow proper functioning. It was the research on marijuana has led to the discovery of the cannabinoid system.

Numerous studies dealing with exactly this issue, and in fact are still in their infancy, so let the final scientific findings on the interactions and effects of various receptor proteins still have to wait, and until then, the treatment is purely on our own responsibility. Many are just that and held, without the support of the scientific community, but nevertheless have great success in the treatment, regardless of which form of treatment is decided with oil or raw cannabis, inhalation or wipe on and no one has remained without result.

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