Lavender Lemonade For Better Night Sleep


When someone mentions lemonade, we instantly think of the classic refreshing drink made of pure water, lemon juice and some sweetener. We will present you a super creative recipe of making a relaxing and fun lemonade.

The lavender comes from north Africa and also grows on the Mediterranean area. It is great for skin care and is often added to perfumes, shampoos, gels, creams, lotions, soaps… The name of the lavender comes from the Latin word “lavare” which means “to wash or clean”.

The lavender is mostly grown for production of essential oil. The lavender oil has strong antiseptic and anti inflammatory effect and can be used for curing of low level burns and insect sting.

Research has shown that the lavender essential oil is very effective for curing insomnia, depression and stress.


Now, when you know all these things you can enjoy your lavender lemonade that not only is healthy, it cures and relaxes.


Juice from 4 lemons

1 drop of lavender essential oil

1 teaspoon of dried lavender flowers

7 glasses of warm water

¾ glass of honey

How it’s done:

Boil 4 glasses of water. Get them off the stove and add the dried lavender leafs. When it cools off a little, add the honey and mix it so it dissolves.

Let it stay closed for half an hour. Filter it and squeeze the juice out of the leafs.

Add the lemon juice, the rest of the water (3 glasses)and the lavender essential oil drop.

Mix it well.

You can start drinking the lemonade right away (before going to sleep) or as a daily relaxation. You can add lemon pieces, lavender flower…

Keep the rest in the fridge

You can add a little sparkling water instead of the still in the end if you want it more refreshing.

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