Lose Weight While Drinking the First Morning Coffee

Lose Weight While Drinking the First Morning Coffee

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Butter in the morning cup of coffee, is the latest trend in America. This combination should make contributed to have higher productivity and creativity early morning.

Surely before or after breakfast you want to drink a cup of strong coffee that will wake you up, without knowing that this is the new anti calories bomb that melts the pounds for a moment, but only If you add a little butter.


Many people claim that breakfast in a cup is the best thing you can do for your body.

Butter-coffee protect you of fatigue, chronic diseases, melts fat and guarantee you reduce weight.

Basically it is a power bomb that accelerates your metabolism and gives you strength for the day that you are about.

Sure, butter must be salt-free,with milk and  without concentrates. It will achieve the best results.

Experts say that it is very important how we feel two hours after the first cup drunk.

The usual cup of coffee causes hunger and fatigue just two hours after consumption.With  coffee- butter  will not feel these crises throughout the day and with only one  drunk cup you have energy for challenges you ahead.

This is not a new invention. Tibetans generations add oil strong in his morning coffee.

Here’s how to prepare a great energy cup of coffee with  butter:

-Do not save the coffee,charge the spoon with instant coffee.

-Do not spill the water in the cup before the wild but be careful not boiled.

– Take one teaspoon unsalted organic butter and put it together with the coffee cup in the blender.

-Stir until melted butter.

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