Lowers the Risk of Several Kinds of Cancer, Stops Infections, Improve the Immunity and Many More Powers of Red Onion


Lowers the risk of several kinds of cancer, stops infections, improve the immunity!

The red onion affects the cardiovascular system, regulates the quantity of cholesterol and triglycerides, and also affects on the immunity improvement.

Even though it can cause problem because of its smell, you should know that it is outstandingly good for your health, especially curable for the heart, and the entire cardiovascular system.


It has shown that it lowers the quantity of cholesterol and triglycerides and strengthens the red blood cells membrane. Because of these characteristics, it helps in preventing heart attack.

Studies have shown that the red onion can also improve the bone thickness, so because of this it is especially good for women in menopause. Besides that, even women who have passed the menopause period and consume red onion every day, have lower chances of fractures.

It has been proved that this onion has anti-inflammatory impact. The sulfur molecules contained in it improve the activity of specific white blood cells that play major role in the immune system. This type of vegetable also contains antioxidants that stop fatty acids’ oxidation in the body and this way they keep all the inflammations under control.

Researches show that the red onion also lowers the risk of several types of cancer, even taken in small quantities. It can lower the risk of cancer on the large intestine and ovaries.

Other values of the red onion: it improves the balance of blood sugar, stops bacterial infections, contains vitamins A, C and E, that are quite good antioxidants.

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