Magical Salt Socks: Rescue From The Pain and Inflammations Of The Ears


The pain in the ears and infections are bad experiences, especially for children. Not only you have fever, but also you are facing constant pain. During the fall and winter days of the year, such accidents are common, so surely you will find salvation in this magical sock with salt.

Magical Salt Socks

The advantage of this alternative medical device is that it has been scientifically proven. Salt retains heat because of the minerals present in it, so in combination with fever, the pain will decrease until the body is fully defended from the infection.

The magic salt is made as follows:

1 or 1,5 tablespoons of coarse sea salt. It has to be coarse salt, otherwise it will drain from the sock.

Heat it in clean pot but be careful not to make it too hot. Then place it in the sock and hold it on your ear.

To make it interesting for the toddlers, they are usually told that the salt is magic.

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