His Majesty – The Garlic: There Is No Problem That Cannot Be Solved By The Garlic, This Includes The Cellulite Also


The garlic is universal cure; there is no health problem that cannot be solved when it comes to it. Most women are having trouble with pesky and persistent cellulite. If you want to get rid of it, start this fight.


The skin like orange peel to some people is exposed the most on the buttocks and thighs and its removal requires patience and perseverance because there is no magic cream that can remove the cellulite overnight.

The garlic is one of the most effective fighters against cellulite and is also known as great antibacterial effect. For eliminating cellulite you have to eat everyday for three cloves of garlic for a few weeks. You do not have to chew it; it is enough if you consume it with mater or milk.

Try also consuming – dissolve tablespoon of turmeric in glass of warm milk. For better taste you can put little amount of honey.

Source: healthyfoodstar.com

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