Why You Should Massage Your Feet Every Night Before Bed!


Medical and holistic professionals have known for a long time that massage therapy can be extremely beneficial for one’s health. The simply application of pressure in specific areas can relieve tension and pain of all sorts. One branch of massage therapy that is useful for numerous afflictions is called reflexology.

Why You Should Massage Your Feet Every Night Before Bed!

Reflexology is based on the concept that you can hit certain pressure points on the body, mostly in the hands and feet, and it will affect and heal other areas that are connected or associated.

Using massage on the points in your feet is linked to a positive effect on other parts of the body such as the organs and internal structures. It can also lead to wonderful stress release, relaxation and peace and even a healthy, stronger libido.

Massaging the feet also enhances blood circulation, relieves restless leg issues, helps to maintain your balance, and reduces the risk of edema and swelling during pregnancy. It can also be great for your skin!

If you massage the big toe specifically, you can benefit your lung and brain function. The second, third and fourth toe are linked to dental issues and tooth pain. Even the little pinky toe can help to relieve earaches when massaged.

Refer to the image above for more helpful tips on what areas should be massaged in order to affect healing!

Source: dailyvibes.org

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