Massage This Point To Stop Stress, Sleep Better And Restore Youthfulness To Your Skin


The practice of reflexology dates back thousands of years to 4000 B.C. China where the massage technique was used to promote better health and heal specific ailments. Ancient healers understood our internal workings and how everything correlated.


That’s how they realized that by pressing specific points on the body they could improve blood flow, cleanse organs, and even help cure very specific problems. There are hundreds – if not thousands – of touchpoints on the body.


One touchpoint helps relieve stress, helps you sleep better, and relieves aches and cramps typically associate with menstruation. This point is called the San Yin Jiao spot – or SP6. You’ll find it on the lower leg, four fingers above your ankle on the inside of your leg, just behind the shin.

To activate this spot, rub your hands together until warm. Using two or three fingers, press the San Yin Jiao and massage gently. After a few minutes you can start to rub harder, but keep a slow even pace to your massage.


I’ve already mentioned how this massage helps to relieve stress, insomnia, and cramps – but it has other amazing potential as well. Because of the interconnectivity of our bodies and the veins that run in the San Yin Jiao spot, massaging regularly improves the elasticity of your skin. Rubbing this point also encourages your spleen to work more effectively – this is why the look of your skin improves.

Your spleen is in charge of producing and removing blood cells, so when the San Yin Jiao is massaged and activated, your spleen replaces blood cells better more efficiently. These blood cells bring oxygen, nutrients, and nourishment throughout your body.

That’s right – you’ll look like a whole new person! Well, not really. But you will have better sleep, less stress and revitalized skin, so you may impress your family and friends. They’ll all think you came back from vacation, even though you’ve been working hard all week.

This massage will also normalize your hormones, and boost your libido – so use wisely! And, if you’re trying to get pregnant, you can massage the San Yin Jiao to stimulate your ovaries and uterus.

For best results, massage this point for 10 minutes a day in the evening.

Now find these points and get to work! And remember: massages are always better when someone else is doing the massaging – so find a friend and take turns!

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