McDonald’s has Finally Opened its Doors in one of Their Secret Factories!


Apparently McDonald’s decided to put an end to the urban myths that spread for years about the food we produce, ingredients used, and the manner of preparation.

However, the long years of bad publicity left a mark, and the company finally for the first time opened its doors to reporters from the show Good Morning America on ABC to enter and visit one of the factories in Fresno, California.

ABC team entered the factory where daily processed over 180 tons of meat, and one of the intentions of the company to prove that use pure beef in their burgers.

“We’re doing this to answer the questions, comments and concerns of our customers. It is not our business success but we want to make sure our customers to learn the truth about the food that is produced here, “says manager Kevin Njuel.

While there are many questions that ask for food at McDonald’s, one of the most important is the story of hamburgers that remain unchanged after several weeks. The company explained that it is probably dehydrated food because it takes moisture to create a mold.

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