Meet The Essential Oil That Could Stop Cancer In Its Tracks!


Certain essential oils have power agents that help in stopping the spread of cancer. They induce cancerous cells so that they shut themselves down. These essential oils and their agents have even been recognized and acknowledged by scientists. The disease-prevention power of essential oils are now clearer than ever, more specifically against cancer.


If you have a healthy body, your body frequency will range 62-78 MHz. The frequency for a disease is 58Hz. Tests involving body frequency and essential oil frequency has found that when a man held a cup of coffee, his frequency reduced from 66 Hz to 58 MHz within 3 seconds. It was not until 3 days later that the man’s body frequency returned to the normal level.
There have been a number of other studies too. According to them you should avoid negative thoughts because they can reduce your frequency by an average of 12 MHz.
On the other hand, positive thoughts help in increasing your frequency by 10 MHz on average.
Researchers have recently studied the most widely used essential oils to find out how they help in fighting cancer. These essential oils include:


The research involved testing antibacterial potency and in vitro toxicology in fighting human cancer cell lines.

Calibrated Frequency Monitor
Bruce Tainio has built a Calibrated Frequency Monitor or CFM that can help in measuring the frequencies of essential oils and how they affect human frequency when the oils are applied. Bruce is not only the Department Head of Agriculture at the Eastern Washington University, he is also the head at Tainio Technology. There is a CFM at Essential Oils laboratory and at the Johns Hopkins University. Here it is used for studying frequency with regard to disease.

In the words of Immunologist Mahmoud Suhail cancer initiates whenever there is corruption of the DNA code in the cell’s nucleus. He clarifies that certain essential oils have this re-set function, which informs the cell about the right DNA code.
Always Choose Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

You can find different types of essential oils out there, but majority of them have poor quality. They can be diluted with alcohol or various additives and synthetically produced. You should use 100 percent pure therapeutic grade quality essential oils for effectiveness. Other types will not provide you the health benefits. Also make sure that the combination is changed every week in the right proportion of each oil.

Robert O. Becker, M.D. is the author of The Body Electric. According to him the human body features electrical frequency. He claims that it can help in telling a lot about your health.

According to Nikola Tesla, elimination of some outside frequencies (which cause interference with your body), can help in building bigger resistance towards disease.
Dr. Otto Warburg also discovered that human cells feature electrical voltage. He was a 2-time Nobel Laureate and won the Nobel Prize for his work on cancer research.
It has become clear that some frequencies are beneficial in preventing disease development. Then there are frequencies that help in destroying certain diseases. Substances having higher frequency help in the destruction of diseases having lower frequency.

The frequency of Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils start from 52. They can go up to 320 MHz. Examples are as following:

-Peppermint — 78 MHz
-Angelica — 85 MHz
-Sandalwood — 96 MHz
-Juniper — 98 MHz
-German Chamomile — 105 MHz
-Myrrh — 105 MHz
-Lavender — 118 MHz
-Ravensara — 134 MHz
-Frankincense — 147 MHz
-Helichrysum — 181 MHz
-Rose — 320 MHz

Multiple Healing Powers
Cinnamon thyme has been found to destroy most breast cancer cells. The same has been the result with jasmine and chamomile oils. Chamomile has been found not kill up to 93 percent cancer cells in vitro. Thyme oil has even higher effectiveness. It helped kill 97 percent of the MCF-7 breast cancer cells.

The Industrial Crops and Products published a study claiming that chamomile oil has powerful antioxidant properties. This study assessed 11 essential oils and found that Roman chamomile had the best antioxidant activity. The other oils were rosemary, lavender, sage, thyme, peppermint, winter savory, French tarragon, and sweet and bitter fennel.

Cancer-Fighting Frankincense Oil
According to Suhail, Frankincense has been found to cause the separation of nucleus of cancerous cells from the cytoplasm. In other words, it causes separation of the ‘brain’ from the ‘body’ of the cancerous cell. Then it shuts down the nucleus, which stops the reproduction of corrupted DNA codes.

It is effective due to the presence of monoterpenes compounds. They help in eradicating cancerous cells at the very onset of the development phase. They also stop progression stages. Thus, they are beneficial whenever you detect your cancer.
The use of frankincense can be a groundbreaking achievement in treating cancer. Chemotherapy is currently used by doctors fro blasting the area around tumors for killing cancer. However, it will also kill healthy cells and causes the patient to become weaker. But frankincense helps in eradication of only cancerous cells, not other cells.

According to Dr. Suhail, frankincense essential oil has 17 active agents.
Stories of People with Cancer & Dengerative Diseases And Use of Essential Oils
The budwig center promotes the stories of people with cancer and other degenerative diseases and how they used essential oils.

Terminal Liver Cancer
According to a Long Beach woman, her husband’s liver cancer reached a level the large tumors could not be removed surgically. Doctors gave him just 6 months to live.
But then he applied 100-percent pure frankincense oil topically over the liver and under tongue every day. When he returned to his physician his tumor was found to be shrinking. By April (with continual use of frankincense), the tumors shrunk to a level that a surgery was possible. It was then removed and he continues to live a healthy life.
Brain Cancer in 5-year Old

This 5-year old having brain cancer was applied 1 drop frankincense which was alternated with 1 drop sandalwood on her feet’s bottom. Lavender was applied to the wrist. She is now leading a healthy life too.

Bladder Cancer
Jackie Hogan was told by doctors that her rare bladder cancer needed the bladder to be removed. But she came across the findings of University of Oklahoma researchers about the healing powers of frankincense oil along with sandalwood oil that it killed cancer cells.

Lung Stage 4 – metastasis to spine, bones, ribs, pelvis, hips
The malignant tumors in Bebe’s mom’s lungs had spread to her bones, ribs, spin, hips, shoulders and pelvis. After 4 months of using essential oils, the disease cells were dying at a fast rate. After 7 months of being told she wouldn’t survive her stage IV, the doctors found her to be free from cancer and in good health.
According to Bebe, you should take frankincense freely after 2 to 3 hours. It should be used topically over the area and your feet’s bottom. You should also put lots of drops under your tongue too.

Bone Marrow Degeneration
After 3 months of being diagnosed with polyscithemiarubravera and bone marrow degeneration, Ellen’s blood tests showed big improvements. She stopped the last 2 phlebotomies of the last 3.
Breast Cancer

Frankincense helped in shrinking my breast tumor. When the time for my surgery came, they failed to find any signs of cancer. I was putting lemongrass and frankincense daily on my breast along with herbal supplements. When I went for my 6-month check-up last month, they said there was nothing wrong. There was no cancer. I would never have radiation or chemo for their side effects.

Cervical Cancer
I received phone call from my good friend that her sister’s cervical cancer returned for the second time. Her uterus removal surgery was scheduled for today. My friend sent her frankincense and wintergreen. She applied them at her feet’s bottom every 3-4 hours and also on the abdomen. Today they were unable to find the cancer when she went for the surgery. It was less than a month she started using the treatment.

When my brother’s son (who was suffering from 2nd recurrence of leukemia), took essential oils and chemo, his remission was faster than what the doctor had said. He didn’t experience any side-effects too.

Throat Cancer
My mother’s dear friend was fighting throat degeneration that also spread to other body parts. He began using frankincense and natural remedies last October. Today when he had an MRI, it was a magical moment for him.

Pancreatic Cancer
My friend was suffering from pancreatic degeneration. They gave him just 3 to 4 weeks. But 8 months down, he is living a healthy life. He used 3 drops of frankincense and 1 drop each of lavender, sandalwood, lemongrass, peppermint and natural remedies.

Prostate Cancer
Today my good friend called me who had been suffering from prostate cancer. He had been using essential oils for the last 3 to 4 months. He broke the good news that his doctor told him yesterday that he is now fully clear.

Basal cell
My good friend’s father was having Basal cell growths on the nose. Because it went through the nostril’s thickness, the oncologist said a large section of the nostril had to be removed. I did my best to help with essential oils. He removed sugar from diet, started drinking more water, consumed more raw foods and developed positive attitude.
2 weeks down the area seemed closed. 3 weeks down there was no more weeping and redness lightened. 6 weeks down the side became healthier and in 15 months there was no more sign.

Skin Cancer
It was a routine eye examination when I went to the doctor in February 2013. My Dr said that growth over the eye was a kind of skin degeneration called basil cell cancer. a year before this exam, I had a few suspicious spots removed by the Dermatologist from my neck, face and back.

I was looking for less invasive answers for removing such spot. I found essential oils use for skin cancer to be better. I had a bottle of frankincense and started topical application 3 times daily. I used 2 drips under the tongue in the morning and night.
From the 2nd week I noticed it becoming smaller. The 3rd week there was some oozing out of the spot but it was even smaller. The 4th week it was like it had imploded. The 5th week there was a scab and the next week this scab fell off. There just a pin head after 6 weeks.

I started applying frankincense daily in morning and night and left it covered in band aid. The mole shrunk in just 3 days. On the 5th day there was little bleeding and 1/2 of it fell off. On the 7th day, there was pink skin in its place as it was gone. After few days it was fully gone.

When we had my husband’s stage 4 malignant melanoma removed a year ago, we thought it was gone. But it returned on the nose. We tried radiation but it grew back. Then we started using essential oils – frankincense, Immortelle and lavender and it has started shrinking.

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