MILIA: How to Remove the Small White Skin Cysts?


Milia is a group of small, solid, white, keratin filled cysts, that form under the skin when keratin will remain stuck below its surface.


Keratin is a strong protein found in the tissues of the skin cells, hair and nails. These cysts are large or awkward looking like pimples, but it is easy to identify them.

Milia can occur at all ages, but most often occurs in newborns. Although they disappear within a few weeks, nearly half of the newborn babies have signs of miles. They are usually large about 1-2 mm and usually occurs in areas around the nose, eyes and cheeks. Also is good to know that they can occur on the other body parts.

Here are several alternative methods of their removal.

Subcutaneous prick

This is the most common method of dealing with milia. Use a thin and sterilized needle under the skin to inject each cyst and inject the liquid.


Another easy and effective way to remove Milia is with local application of a small amount of cream with retinoids on the cystic bumps.


If your milia is persistent, you may decide to remove a chemical peeling or Microdermabrasion.


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