Modest Ingredient Of Which Every Drink Becomes a Nutritive Bomb


The smoothie is a great choice for a healthy breakfast or snack because the body absorbs all the nutritive ingredients without disturbing the digestion and refreshes the organism during the hot days. Whatever combination of ingredients you prefer in the cold drink, it is always good to add a handful of spinach in it.


  1. Spinach gives strength

Popeye from the same named cartoon didn’t blow of energy after consuming this green leafy vegetable. Recent studies showed that the reason for that are the nitrates that improve the muscle tonus and give more energy than needed.

  1. Spinach awakens

Are you one of those people that are often lazy and feel tired even after a long sleep? The iron insufficiency can be the reason for that. The spinach is a natural source of this important mineral.

  1. The taste of the spinach can be camouflaged

Unlike the cabbage that has a dominant taste in the smoothies, the spinach is hard to detect in combination with other ingredients. Its leaves will color the drink, but its taste will be blended. You don’t believe me? Add it to a banana and chocolate smoothie and you will see.


1 frozen banana

200g fresh spinach

100gr fat free yoghurt

1tablespoon of chocolate almond milk

1 pinch of cinnamon

Mix all the ingredients and enjoy the taste. Cheers!

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