Mom Had No Idea Why Her Baby Was So Sick. Then She Took The Top Off His Sippy Cup And Saw This


Having your child become ill, for no obvious reason, and to have symptoms, get worse over time instead of better, is a nightmare for every parent.


Penny Powell shared photos on Facebook, after her friend found the reason why her son had been chronically ill. Simon, the father of the boy, had a suspicion as to why their young son was not showing signs of improvement, and he turned out to be right. The boy’s ‘ sippy cup’ had a leakproof spout, and when the Simon examined it, he noticed a terrible smell coming from it.
When the father cracked the spout open with a knife, he discovered that something was growing there. That explained his baby’s illness. It was mold.

He discovered that his son had been drinking from a mold infested cup. Simon was shocked, disgusted and frightened for his son’s health. He took pictures and Penny posted them on Facebook. At the same time, other parents began sharing the same thing. They had all been utilizing Tommy Tippee Cups.

The response from the company was unconvincingly feeble.You can hear it on the video. It is also mentioned that there are a few other manufacturers that have a design that is alike the Tommy Tippee Cups in which the sealed spout is a perfect ground for mold. The mold can be the reason for sinus infections, throat irritation, asthmatic symptoms, and chronic eye and skin irritation.


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