Most Dangerous Mistakes While Using Tampons


When the hot days come, because of the light and transparent clothes the women often replace the sanitary towels with tampons. But, they often make mistakes while using the tampons that they are not aware of, which can harm our health. Find out who they are and avoid them.


  1. You wash your hands only after applying the tampons. But, it is obligatory to wash the hands before applying the tampon, in which case you will prevent the entrance of unwanted bacteria.
  2. You don’t apply the tampon deep enough. How would you know that the tampon is deep enough? You should not even feel the tampon inside you. If it’s too low, it will be uncomfortable you will not stand it.
  3. You use only one size of tampons. When the menstruation is heavy, you should use bigger sixe tampons that absorb more and when it gets lighter, you should use smaller size tampons that absorb less.
  4. You don’t change the tampons often enough. When the menstruation is weaker, the tampon should be changed every 4-5 hours. That way you will stop the development of bacteria.
  5. You use tampons when you have vaginal discharge. In the middle of the cycle there is a bigger vaginal discharge, for which you don’t need to use tampons because they may change the pH balance of the vagina and provoke inflammation.
  6. You wear tampons a day before and after the menstruation. You might be doing this because of accuracy, but using tampons is not recommended when the vagina is dry.
  7. You don’t change the tampon after going to the bathroom. You don’t have to change the tampons after every time you pee, but apply a new one after you go 3-4 times. Also, change it every time you go poop to prevent the entrance of bacteria in the vagina.
  8. You don’t change the tampon after swimming. No matter if you swim in sea, river or lake, the tampon should be replaced with another immediately when you get out of the water. The string dipped in the water with chlorine, salty or river water can cause irritation on the skin.
  9. You keep the tampons on a place where there is water nearby. Avoid keeping the tampons near the shower or the tub so that they don’t drain in water. If you keep them in a dry, cold and closed place they will longer stay dry and fresh.
  10. You use aromatic tampons. If you have a sensitive vagina avoid using aromatic tampons because they can cause irritation on the skin and itching.

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