Nails are a Very Important Indicator of the Health Status of your Body!

Nails are a Very Important Indicator of the Health Status of your Body!

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When is your last good look about fingernails and toenails? Certainly not for a long time, especially if you regularly polish your nails. But, do not you have omitted to do, because the nails are very important indicator of the health status of your body.

Nails are excellent indicators of the whole health, because the nail growth is very sensitive to things such as unhealthy diet, stress, and even internal disease organism. Black or brown lines are definitely cause for concern. However, it could be something innocuous, such as young people who simply live in the grounds of the nail. It can be hereditary in your family, especially for those who have African-American origin, the Japanese and Indians. However, these brown lines may be a sign of melanoma, which can be fatal if not detected on time said Dr. Bou in show “Opra”.

To know whether it comes to genetics or not, Dr. Bou pointed to several reasons for alarm.

One reason for alarm if the line just appeared or changing the color and size. Also, if the pigment acts as bleeding can be worrisome, because it is called Hutchinson sign. It is only important to notice any change. If the color changes from blue, purple, if you itch or bleedit note told Dr. Bou.

Inspect your nails regularly, especially if you have nails most of the time covered with varnish. Tell the doctor if you notice any irregularities that are not picked up.

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