Natural Antibiotic Against Inflammation of the Urinary Bladder

Natural Antibiotic Against Inflammation of the Urinary Bladder

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Every one that has suffered from urine infection knows how it can be painful and insistent. This kind of infection is usually followed by constant need for urinating that can not be done and is not comfortable at all in combination with the pain and the pressure that are felt. Even when you succeed to urinate, the pain is strongly felt. But, some antibiotics can show exquisitely effective especially with the lighter infections.


For the infections of the urinary tract, especially the urinary bladder the bacteria E. Coli is the most often causer. This bacteria is like a boomerang, so it often can return after treating it, so the conventional medications lose the battle because the body gets used to them. If you wish to get rid of it on a natural way, we present you a natural drink, that in combination of the four natural ingredients, each of them with its effective action, represents powerful and natural antibiotic.

Ingredients needed:

250g of parsley root

250g lemon with crust

250ml honey

2dl of olive oil

How it’s done:

Chop the parsley root and lemon with crust on small pieces, then mix all the ingredients including the honey and olive oil with a blender.

By mixing them you will get mushy substance that you need to keep in a jar in the fridge. Take one table spoon of the substance every morning. Once you use it all check if the condition of the urine has gotten better.


It is best if you buy the honey from a reliable bee-farmer, and the lemon should be home-grown and without chemicals. If can’t find lemons like this, after buying it, put it in a water with a little sodium bicarbonate. Then wash it thoroughly. The parsley root should be also well washed.

What else can you do for your urine tract?

Drink as much more water as you can

Even though this doesn’t sound like some special medication, consuming enough quantity of water is the best you can do for your bladder. Besides the fact that the water can help us wash the bacteria away from our body, more important is that you will have what to excrete while urinating. Try drinking as much water as you can to fasten the process of dumping bacteria.

Go to the bathroom regularly

Don’t delay going to the bathroom and don’t keep the urine inside you. Keeping it inside helps the bacteria to multiply even more. Going to the bathroom regularly decreases their number and the chance for the infection to get worse.


Drink parsley tea

The parsley works as diuretic, besides that this drink helps the regeneration process. Drink parsley tea which can be done by putting two tea spoons of dry parsley in 250ml boiled water and leave it to stay for 6 to 10 minutes before you extract it.

Eat cucumber

Thanks to the great quantity of water contained in the cucumber, this vegetable is ideal for cleaning the bladder. The cucumber will help you import enough water and this will help you get rid of the bacteria.

Warm the lower part of your body

In the urine infections the pain doesn’t occur only while urinating. The infection can cause constant discomfort and pain in the lower part of the body. To lessen the pain, warmth can help you by relaxing the muscles and loosen up the cramps that cause pain. You can do this by using hot water bottle.

Drink cranberry juice

Cranberry is often used as prevention in urine tract infections. Opposite of what many people think, the cranberry doesn’t help in fighting E. Coli, but helps to prevent sedimentation of the bacteria cells on the walls of the bladder.


Avoid chocolate, caffeine and citrus, because they cause irritation of the bladder and help bacteria to get in it. Citrus can increase urine acid and make urinating more painful.

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