Natural Cure For Headache: Salty Lemonade


Usually, when we have headache we instantly take some pill. It might be a momentary solution, but if it happens often it might be a problem.

The pills are as much damaging as they are useful because they are consisted of chemicals with a strong action.


The headaches are very unpleasant and they can disrupt our normal functioning.

Instead of making a combination of pills right away, try making a natural cure that will release you from the pain, and has no side effects.

Ingredients needed:

2 lemons

Filtrated but not bottled water

Sea salt- one tablespoon

How to make:

Squeeze the lemon, add as much water as there is juice, add sea salt and ice by wish.

It may not be your favorite drink, but it can help a lot because the sea salt contains enough quantity of electrolytes and minerals to boost the energetic level, releases from pain and makes balance of the serotonin in the organism. It also improves the immunity.

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