Natural Homemade Recipe To Lose 9kg In 21 Days


A natural recipe to lose 9 kilos of weight without diet. This recipe is extremely beneficial for all of those who fight excessive weight and bloating. It’s been tested and proven efficient in almost anyone who’s tried it. Plus, it’s really inexpensive and easy to prepare.



-Mixed with one big orange.
-Four of limes.
-Three tablespoons honey.


-Cut the orange and limes on four pieces.
-Put in half a liter of water over the quiet fire and leave it for 20 minutes.
-Put three tablespoons of honey over them and leave 10 minutes on the quiet fire.
-Filter it and Leave them a few hours, Take 3 cups a day for 21 days.

This quantity is for one day mean the second day do the same thing
The sudden are with this topic recipe eat normal food not deprive yourself of anything but be away from chocolate and soft drinks.


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