Natural Regenerator For Fast Growth And Strengthening Nails


Easy, fast and effective!

If you want to have long nails and you are not a fan of nails upgrade then you have nothing left but to let yours grow. You can use many food supplements for better nails and hair growth (like gelatin) all kinds of vitamins and natural masks against nails breakage. If you want instant results, try the following advice and the result will come right away.


All you need to do is knead one garlic clove and rub it on your nails, keep it for half an hour and then wash your hands. To get rid of the smell faster, take one lemon and rub it on your hands. This popular vegetable strengthens the nails. Or you can also make a regenerator for fast growth and nails strengthening of garlic.

Regenerator for fast growth and strengthening nails

Chop one garlic clove on small pieces and put it in a colorless nail polish. Leave it for 48 hours. Polish your nails every other day. Don’t take off the previous 4-5 layers of the polish. After the 5th polishing take it off and polish again. In a very short time (2-3 weeks) you will be amazed: you will have strong nails that won’t break anymore.

The recipe is tested. It has a bit strong garlic smell but it goes away very fast. Don’t let it stop you from making your nails beautiful, healthy and strong in a natural way!

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