Natural Remedy For Cleaning The Liver


To prepare this remedy you need very simple ingredients – lemon, garlic, nuts, and wheat germs.

This combination is very good for your health. It improves the immunity, cleanses the liver and protects you from cancer. Also, this cure helps to treat the illnesses of the blood vessels and the heart, cleanses the kidneys and lungs, works great on the brain function and memory and improves the total health condition of the organism.



15 lemons

12 garlic cloves

1 kg organic honey

400 gr of wheat germs

400 gr nuts

Mince the wheat germs in a coffee mincer. Clean the garlic and the nuts and put them in a blender, add 5 lemons and mix it all well. Mix this mixture with the germs and add only the juice from the rest 10 lemons, then add the honey and mix it all. Put this remedy in sterilized jars, close them and keep them in fridge for three days.

You can use this cure like this: take 1-2 tablespoons of it half an hour before your breakfast, lunch and dinner and before going to sleep.

Before you start taking any remedy consult your doctor.

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