No.1 Ice Drink Enemy Of The Bikini Body


Iced drinks or smoothies are quick to prepare, tasty, look good and are healthy. We should all love them, don’t you? But nutritionists warn us that some types of these iced drinks can make our efforts to lose weight, or maintain a fit body in shape, go to waste.

“Drinking smoothies is a great way to increase the intake of fruits and vegetables in the body, especially if you don’t usually eat this food.” – says the nutritionist Andrea Giancoli from Los Angeles.

But these drinks can be a choice of a large number of calories and sugar.


“In 800ml of average banana and blueberry smoothie, for example, you can find about 500 calories and 100 g of sugar, which is five times more than the little chocolate bar Snickers” – warns the nutritionist.

In order to avoid the hidden pitfalls in mixing and choosing smoothies, follow these advices from the nutritionist.

  1. Say no to the sorbet

Shopping smoothie and industrially made drinks contain some kind of sorbet – kind of ice milkshake, which is full of sugar and fat. The creamy texture and ice are also available in the less calorie ingredients, like the lo-fat Greek yoghurt and a couple of ice cubes, so always choose or mix these two ingredients.

  1. Select the right portion

Pre-plan your meals! If you want your smoothie to replace breakfast or dessert, limit the amount of beverage drink to about 200 calories, and select the one that contains some kind of healthy protein, like avocado or nut butter. That way, you get enough nutrients, and less inclined to eat until the next meal.

  1. Fruit is better than fruit juice

The nutritionists have nothing against moderate drinking of fruit juices, but advise caution with the consummation of these drinks. The industrial juices are full of sugar, which increases the caloric beverages if you put them in your smoothies. Instead, opt for fresh summer fruit.

  1. Never enough of vegetables

When it comes to vegetables, nutritionists say: “It’s never too much”. Add spinach, cabbage, cucumber, carrots or other healthy vegetables to your favorite smoothie and improve the taste of this healthy and refreshing drink.

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