On Thursday, She had 72 Pounds on Saturday 67! Check Out What She Did!

On Thursday, She had 72 Pounds on Saturday 67! Check Out What She Did!

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One magical power plants

Parsley, a plant that is used as a spice, it has magical powers. Its quantity of food is still small, so not enough to trigger the secretion of accumulated fluid from the body. American physician, John R. Christopher reputed for well-acquainted with herbal remedies. It is often advised their patients parsley as a cure for kidney disease.

Parsley is a great ally in the fight against urinary problems, kidney disease and a strong diuretic. The drug can be used root and the leaves of parsley. There are lots of recipes for tea and parsley. Parsley is a miracle. On Thursday I had 72 pounds, and two days later five kilograms less.‘s Not about their weight room, but the liquid that I had left my body.


The Recipe is Quite Simple:

In boiling water (about 1 liter), add 5 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley. Liquid steep for about twenty minutes, then strain the tea you can drink or together with chopped parsley.
For the parsley tea, I decided due to problems with the kidneys. All advise uvin tea with these problems. From uvin tea I felt improvement, but it remained fluid in the body. I decided to replace uvin tea with parsley, and thus came to their results.

For parsley has been scientifically proven to be an excellent diuretic, and it is also a strong antioxidant. Drinking tea from parsley is recommended, but you should not over do it with this tea. Eating should not be more than a liter of tea per day.

Parsley is an herb that is present since ancient times as a remedy. To him they attributed magical powers, in ancient Rome, it was believed that nibbling parsley improves perception and intellectual abilities. Today, this plant is only used as a spice, and well informed is used as medicine.

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