One Spoon a Day Against Bad Cholesterol and Excessive Fat!


The most recent research made in the Iranian medical University Shahid Sadoughi has shown that the cumin, which was recently used as a cure and spice, is a great fighter against excessive fat.


The results from the research have shown that only a teaspoon of cumin a day helps in losing weight, lowers the fat and the level of cholesterol in blood.

In the research 88 women have been included, and divided in two. All of them have been taking 500 calories less per day, and one group have been taking yoghurt with one teaspoon of cumin. The one group that has been taking the cumin had better results when it comes to weight loss.

The women from that group had less fat tissue and lower level of cholesterol.

Cumin is a spice full of fitosterol, a substance that lowers the absorption of cholesterol in the body. The authors of the research claim that it can improve the metabolism.

Besides in yoghurt, you can put it salad or different sauces.

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